About Us

Sawyer Burger GroupConcierge Service at All Price Ranges!  This is the motto and ethic of the Sawyer|Burger Group at Colorado Landmark Realtors.  As individuals, Brett Sawyer and Elizabeth Burger have represented their clients with competency and professionalism.  Combining their collective knowledge, connections, and life experiences, Brett and Liz have created an ideal yin/yang dynamic for their buyers and sellers.

A New Hampshirite by birth, Liz is a Colorado semi-native by choice.  Living in Boulder since the 1990s and raising a family here have given her a valuable perspective on neighborhoods, sports teams, schools, extra-curricular activities, and those special dynamics of parenting.  Having moved into real estate from the hospitality industry, Liz has a deep appreciation for the ethic of “customer first” and curated concierge experiences.

Brett, a Boulder native, brings a diversity of local and international knowledge and experience to the partnership.  Brett has seen Boulder change dramatically, and has a deep knowledge of the history and nuances of every neighborhood in Boulder and every community in Boulder County.  Brett has worked in new resort development in the Colorado ski country as well as in Mexico.  He’s filled the role of managing broker at a couple of brokerages in Colorado, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Boulder Area REALTOR Association.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply looking for deep knowledge and advice on real estate, Brett and Liz will provide you with the expertise to help you manage perhaps the most significant investment in your portfolio – your home.